Company Introduction

蹂몃Ц 諛붾줈媛湲
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Company Introduction

The Value of Boating Innovative Design & Technology Outstanding Production Safety Assurance
EUNSUNG Possibilities
Limitless Possibilities Creative Instinct Technical Prowess One-of-a-kind
EUNSUNG Eco-friendly
Eco-friendly Vessels Global Trend Superior in Function & Sustainabiliy
With expertise in this industry,
Eunsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
is determined to endeavor after clients' satisfaction.

Welcome to Eunsung Heavy Industries!

In line with the carbon neutral era, Eunsung Heavy Industries not only boldly breaks away
from the building of small and medium-sized ships made of conventional steel
or혻FRP혻but also trains competent individuals to develop vessels made of lightweight,
environmentally harmless and eco-friendly aluminum. In this industry, we are being
reformed as an 쐃nvironmentally friendly small and medium-sized shipbuilder.

In particular, we have our own research center, which is rarely found in other companies.
We continuously accumulate technology and data that can handle the entire process
from design to construction on our own to meet the needs of various clients.

In addition, Eunsung Heavy Industries invented the first amphibious boat in Korea and
commercialized it in overseas markets. We will take a leading role in the development of
innovative eco-friendly vessels and grow as a global company!

  • ABS-ISO9001 뭹吏
  • ABS-ISO14001 솚寃
  • WPS 씤利앹꽌
  • 듅뿀利_젣10-1041991샇
  • 듅뿀利_젣10-1923495샇
  • 듅뿀利_젣10-2184499샇
  • 듅뿀利_젣10-2039050샇
  • 듅뿀利_젣10-2162612샇
  • 떎슜떊븞벑濡앹쬆_젣20-0475888샇
  • 떎슜떊븞벑濡앹쬆_젣20-0484319샇
  • 뵒옄씤벑濡앹쬆_젣30-0831795샇
  • 긽몴벑濡앹쬆_젣40-1186848샇
  • 긽몴벑濡앹쬆_젣40-1194718샇
  • 긽몴벑濡앹쬆_젣40-1186467샇

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